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All projects must be built during the hacking period of March 3, 5pm CST to March 4, 5pm CST. The project should be submitted to this DevPost and team member(s) must be present in-person during judging to be considered! Team size must be between 1-4 people.
For those entering for the sustainability prize, we also require a 1 minute 30 second pitch about your idea only! You will be required to fill out this Google Form to earn this prize: https://forms.gle/NXy353xCAUPikwCVA

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$1,100 in prizes

Best Overall

This is the overall winner! To win in this category, your project must be extremely well-rounded. It must include some element of creativity, have a polished implementation, must have resulted in some amount of learning, must consider sustainability, and must be presented professionally and thoroughly. The overall prize considers elements of most other prizes.

Best Novice

Your team must be composed of 66% or more people that are first timers at a hackathon. Never been to a hackathon? Looking for a good time at your first hackathon? Want to present your project, and have a shot at a prize? This category is for you! We are looking for projects that are well-rounded (have elements of creativity, a polished implementation, resulted in learning, consider sustainability, and are presented professionally), but you will only be competing with the other novice hackers.

Most Creative

So many hacks use boring UIs, unoriginal ideas, and the same technologies. Let your creativity flow and give us a hack that is a unique idea and displays it in an interesting way - unlike this boring description.

Funniest Hack

Are you tired of all the serious projects about serious ideas to change the world? Then this prize is for you! Capture your best stand-up comedian skills and wit in your hack. Absolutely no rules for this hack - just don’t break the code of conduct (please).

Sustainability Award

Sustainability. def: “anything that supports ecological, human, and economic health and vitality.” In the 21st century, preserving the planet for future generations has been an issue that has come to the forefront of almost every field. We are looking for hackers that have ideas which will advance the cause of sustainability. This prize is based on a 1 minute 30 second elevator pitch ONLY - completely non-technical so even if you don’t officially submit a demo, please pitch your idea!!
Fill out this Google Form for the sustainability prize: https://forms.gle/NXy353xCAUPikwCVA

Button Challenge

Buttons are boring. How many blue rectangles with white text have you seen today? We want you to make a button that's better than other buttons. That could mean focusing on the satisfaction of pressing the button, crafting an aesthetic multisensory button experience, or making pretty text go clicky clack bipity bop. We're looking for creativity, expression, individuality, uniqueness, and whatever else you feel like pouring into your button.

Devpost Achievements

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Freetail Hackers

Freetail Hackers

Judging Criteria

  • Creativity
  • Implementation
  • Presentation
  • Learning
  • Contribution to Sustainability
  • Button Challenge

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